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We employ organizational development and team building with a unique Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens.


our focus

Mo_losophy collaborates with leaders to maximize their team’s talent and foster greater collaboration and productivity. We specialize in Organizational Development and Team Building, with a unique niche in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Our approach to DEI focuses on optimizing individual talent and inspiring that maximized talent to fully engage in the corporate vision.


We collaborate with executives to build and strengthen organizational teamwork by administering 4-Lenses (self-awareness) training, leadership consulting, and management training.


We assist companies in creating, clarifying, establishing, and solidifying their vision, mission, and core values in a way that every level of the organization can functionally comprehend.


for companies and organizations


  • Our training is the exception to the industry norm. It empowers leaders and managers to fully maximize their organizational talent and focus on sustainability through the five-drivers for business: cash, assets, people, profits, and growth.
    • We replace the term Diversity with Relationship Management
    • We replace Equity with Balanced Perspective and Inclusion with Connection
    • We remove the negative imagery associated with DEI, encourage candid discussions on performance, and strengthen unity among all members of the organization


    • 45-minute introductory Lunch-N-Learn
      • Two-hour tailored training session
      • Four-hour tailored training session


  • The 4-Lenses is a proven personality test which helps:

    • Teams and individuals understand the natural talents of themselves and others
    • Individuals gain insight into their preferred method of communication
    • Teammates grasp communication preferences of the other personality types
    • Facilitate understanding between individuals and teams to build connections
    • Personnel to leverage conflict for long-term solutions


    • Two-hour Introductory session
    • Six-hour training session

    4-Lenses is founded upon the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator as well as David Keirsey’s modification to this instrument in his book, Please Understand Me.


  • Topics we can tailor for you include:

    • Building resiliency into your life and organization
    • Developing the leader’s power of transformative communication
    • Leveraging cognitive diversity to increase your organization’s productivity
    • Capitalizing on the genius of your LIFE (Love, Inspiration, Focus, & Elevation)
    • Transforming your life through education: 3-D (Daring, Dedication, & Destiny)
    • Establishing your organization with the 3Cs of Culture, Community, and Caring


  • We assist executive and mid-level leaders to:

    • Establish the corporate vision
    • Create/implement strategy
    • Employ DEI and 4-Lenses to maximize their team’s talent and productivity


    • Hourly consultation
    • Six-hour monthly package (three-months)
    • 12-hour monthly package (six-months)


Our training for new managers teaches:

  • The process for transitioning to your new role
  • Two foundational pillars for effective leadership
  • Keys to influence
  • Importance of modeling effective followership
  • Ways to translate the organization’s strategic goals to boots on the ground execution
  • Effective communication


  • Two-hour introductory course
  • (2) Four-hour days


We help CEOs and executive leaders to develop, design, and deliver their message with authenticity and clarity.

According to NBC News, “Fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is estimated to affect 75 percent of adults.” Our coaching:

  • Leverages fear for your success
  • Instills structure and yields confidence
  • Allows you to convey your message with conviction and accuracy


  • Hourly consultation
  • Development plan package (three-months)

Our coaching minimizes the element of fear so that you convey your message with conviction and accuracy. In most cases your ability to speak isn’t the issue, the problems lay in personal confidence and the presentation’s structure.

Our communication coach is a former Toastmasters International Club President, Advanced Communicator, and speech/evaluation competition champion.


the core of Mo_losophy

We help organizations reach their full potential through talent optimization and full team engagement.  As a result, teams’ experience an increase in one or more of the five business drivers: cash, assets, people, profit, or growth.

Our consultation and training prepare leaders to achieve this operational state by doing the following:

  • We Discern the favorable conditions where the natural talents and skills of teams and individuals flourish.
  • We Equip cultural stewards to create or place individuals in those naturally motivating environments.
  • We Identify cultural obstacles and potential building blocks for establishing relationships marked by trust.
Note: Our application of this DEI acrostic does not nullify the standard industry connotations for those terms; it only illustrates how we partner with leaders to improve the workplace or institution.

Our Promise

Our team will endeavor to provide your executives and leaders with the most effective, tailored solutions for your operational challenges and potential opportunities.


Mo_losophy's expertise


Our consultation and training enable organizational leaders to strengthen key relationships, articulate the corporate vision with clarity, and drive business performance. We develop new managers with basic supervisor training as they transition to their new role.


We empower leaders to improve their organizational effectiveness through three primary drivers or metrics for the government sector: growth, assets, and people. Excellent governmental leaders create cultures of strong accountability and stewardship, ultimately establishing more efficient and effective public service.


We understand that military units are challenged to maintain unity and camaraderie—especially in the current social climate. Equip your team with knowledge and tools to facilitate better communication and unity. Our consulting, training, and experience as military leaders will pay dividends within garrison and the deployed theatre.

School Districts

We work with District Officials, Principals, Teachers, Staff members, and students to eliminate the achievement gap, cultivate the untapped potential of students, draft strategy/program engagement for at-risk students, and enhance the staff’s cultural intelligence. Test-scores are a partial measurement for education. Critical thought, social competence and character are just as important.

Dr. Martin Luther King proclaimed, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character; that is the goal of a true education.”


Maurice "Mo_losophy" Arnold

Maurice “Mo_losophy” Arnold, Senior Master Sergeant (retired), is an Organizational Development and Teambuilding Consultant. He has delivered sage counsel to top Air Force leaders, School District Administrators, and community leaders. His penchant for developing strategy and presenting challenging truth in a palatable manner gives clarity to executives and managers at all levels.

Within the Air Force, Maurice invested 22-years into the meteorology career field and 4-years as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) Instructor. His hands-on leadership was the catalyst for guiding several award-winning teams. One of his teams was nationally featured on an hour Weather Channel special.

Maurice accumulated over 7,000 facilitation hours in leadership development at the SNCOA, the Air Force Chief Leadership Course, and Professional Development seminars.

He can command an audience’s attention, whether a small leadership team or a multitude, as in his compelling commencement address to 3,000 at Brandman University.

Maurice is an Atlanta native where the Hawks, Braves, Falcons, and Georgia Bulldogs reign supreme. He is happily married to Lacresia Arnold, and they have six children (from 34 to 10 years old) with one grandson.

Leadership & Training (Instructor 7,000+ HOURS)
  • Oversaw the Strategic Communication and DEI Programs, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Montgomery, AL
  • President, Maxwell-Gunter Toastmasters, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Montgomery, AL
  • Facilitated Master Resiliency Training, Chief Leadership Courses, and Professional Development seminars
Education & Training
  • BA in Organizational Leadership, Brandman University, Irvine, CA
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (7-Week Course), University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
  • Diversity & Inclusion for HR Professionals, University of California, Irvine, CA
  • Diversity Training, Souder, Betances & Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL
  • Advanced Communicator Silver, Toastmaster’s International, Travis AFB, Fairfield, CA
Behavioral Studies Certifications
  • 4-Lenses Certification, Shipley Communications, LLC. Travis AFB, Fairfield, CA
  • Emotional Intelligence Certification, EI Learning Systems, Inc., Corpus Christi, TX
  • Master Resiliency Trainer (MRT) Certification, United States Air Force, McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ
  • Travis Unified School District’s Equity Action Team, Fairfield, CA
  • Primary Consultant to Solano County leaders on the cross-cultural unity initiative, Vacaville, CA
  • Launching the Quill Institute & M.O.V.E. (Spring 2024)

I am committed to helping your organization become the team of choice within your industry


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